Slot Overview – Great Gold

Whether or not you think highly of gold, there is no denying its uniqueness. The majority of the Earth’s gold, for example, likely originated in stars that exploded as supernovae and were brought to Earth by asteroids. Gold’s malleability and other desirable properties make it useful in many different fields, including electronics, dentistry, and radiation shielding, among others. Example: researchers at the University of Leeds have developed a kind of gold consisting of only two layers of atoms stacked on top of one another. It’s so flat that it’s hard to imagine it having any depth. We promise that this review of Great Gold, a video slot game developed by Red Tiger, is not a ploy to get you to invest in a gold mining firm or buy a bunch of expensive watches. Great Gold not only pays tribute to gold, but also awards free games with sticky wild reels and a Wild Activator function.

What, me make too much of a connection between Great Gold and Great Gatsby? Even if that’s the case, Great Gold, like the film adaptation of The Great Gatsby, features a glistening Art Deco aesthetic and several allusions to the color gold. The shiny currency stacks in the backdrop are an obvious allusion to the Gringotts bank vault in the Harry Potter books. Players may also admire the plush red draperies and lavish gold accents that adorn the room. The funk music serves to round out what is already an extremely luxurious setting. Or even a flashy one. It’s up to you.

The Great Gold slot machine has a physical-looking cabinet (with no lever) housing five reels and three rows of symbols. There are 10 predetermined paylines that the reels must travel along in order to form winning combinations of at least three of a kind. Great Gold is a medium-to-high volatility slot with a maximum RTP of 95.66% and a betting range of 10 pence to £/€10 per spin.

Cherry, lemon, orange, plum, clover, star, crown, and seven are only some of the eight standard payout symbols on the reels. Players can win anywhere from three times their bet to fifty times it if they line up five matching symbols along a payline. Wild symbols appear on all reels and can be used in place of regular pay tiles. A reward of 50 times the wager is possible if five wild symbols appear on an active payline.

Slot Machines’ Biggest Attractions

Great Gold maintains its sophisticated air by not being bloated with extras. In addition to the wild collection feature and locked wild reels seen in triggered free spins, the basic game also benefits from a random Wild Activator function.

Instinctive Trigger

Any spin has a chance of triggering this bonus and showering the grid with wilds. The player can have between four and eight wild symbols added to the reels.

Bonus Turns

Free games of 10 rounds are awarded when scatters appear on reels 1, 3, and 5. Any wild that appears during the free spins round will cause the corresponding light above that reel to illuminate. If all 4 lights on a reel are on, you get +2 free spins and that reel becomes a sticky wild stacked reel for the rest of the game. There’s a chance the Wild Activator may go off during the bonus games, speeding up the process of turning on the lights.

Rich Payout: The Slots Have It

Red Tiger has added to the collection of playable fruit machines that feature groovy background music. Despite being covered with gold coins, Great Gold has a more refined appearance than many others in this class. Perhaps this is another proof that Art Deco can elevate any subject to a higher level of sophistication. Great Gold is a visually appealing slot machine that manages to be both flashy and subtle, which should appeal to those seeking a classy fruit machine with some swagger.

The details of Great Gold provide it an air of sophistication as well. Again, there is an air of subtlety about them that belies a bold’more is better’ attitude. Having two, three, four, or five wild reels is a potential improvement over having only one. The Wild Activator may provide a taste of the potential of the wild reels in the main game, but the free spins are when they truly shine. Even with two or three sticky wild reels locked in place during a bonus round, don’t expect the game to shower you with a ton of money. During the course of the assessment, Great Gold’s characteristics occurred with some regularity, although their cumulative impact was often disappointing. Even so, it would be impressive to amass enough wilds for a few free spins’ worth of sticky wild reels. Great Gold’s maximum payout of 7,608 times the wager puts it in a league of its own compared to other Red Tiger slots.

Overall, Great Gold was a high-quality fruit machine with a gold theme that met expectations during our playtest. However, as the initial excitement of full-reel wilds wears off, you could find yourself becoming tired with Great Gold. Don’t worry; the market is flooded with similar titles, and more are on the way.






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